Top 6 Ways to Build Business Teams


Putting together effective, cohesive business teams is a challenge that all business owners face. It is not always an easy task because building teams requires ensuring that every individual is given the chance to grow and develop his or her own unique talents while working toward a common goal with others. If you want to build business teams that are a major asset to your company, here are six ways to do so.

Set Goals Early On

Before you can create a business team, you must a have a goal for them to reach beforehand. Consider what you want your team to achieve and allow your team members to give input as well. Set long and short-term goals for your teams so they feel a sense of accomplishment more often.

Foster Effective Leadership

Leadership is vital when it comes to building effective business teams. Each of your team leaders should possess excellent communication skills and have the ability to direct in a way that builds trust. Weak leadership causes teams to break down quickly, so take the time to choose each one carefully.

Encourage Active Participation

Team members who are intelligent and talented but also introverted tend to get pushed into the background by more dynamic individuals, and this can cause feelings of resentment and apathy. To ensure this does not happen to your teams, encourage all team members to speak up and become involved in meetings and projects. When all team members are committed and heard, goals are accomplished at a faster pace.

Bring Variety to Your Teams

Having an eclectic mix of talented individuals can result in a truly dynamic team. Bring together analytic thinkers, creative types and free-thinking visionaries. When different types of thinkers are brought on board, they will approach problems in a variety of ways in order to solve them quickly.

Allow an Open Exchange of Ideas

When team managers demand that things must be done their way all the time, team members often become unhappy and disgruntled about finishing their projects on time. However, team leaders who are confident in their role welcome new ideas from any team member and listen to suggestions for improving processes and team morale. Be open to suggestions and never make your team members afraid to approach you with them.

Encourage Growth

Even if your teams are already working well, there is always room for growth. Hold monthly meetings to discuss how each team member might increase their scope of learning while on the job. Fostering growth will develop confident team members.

Following these six tips will help you build stronger, more confident business teams. When team members are motivated and happy, it leads to greater company success.


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