Annuity Financing and Structured Settlement

Access Your Cash Immediately With Annuity Financing

Putting money away in an annuity can be a smart investment for some people. Other people end up with structured settlement payments from a lawsuit or other legal arrangement. While it’s nice to know that you have plenty of cash stored away, it can be frustrating not to be able to access all of the cash you are owed in one easy transaction. That’s where annuity financing from Origins Commercial Finance comes in.

Advantages to Financing Your Annuity 

Financing your annuity allows you to access the cash you are owed, minus fees and taxes, in one large sum. This is particularly beneficial if you have a financial emergency come up. We can also provide you with customized financing options that may help you to avoid excessive surrender charges. We have plenty of experience in this area and will provide you with premium customer service.

How to Request a Quote

You can get a quote to find out what it is likely to take to help you access your annuity in one lump sum. To make the process go smoother, you will want to have this information available:

  • Name of the insurance company
  • Policy number for the annuity
  • Payment amount
  • First date of payment
  • Last guaranteed date of payment
  • How often you make payments

Learn More Today

When you have money in an annuity or structured settlement, you do have options other than receiving your money in specified increments. Talk to Origins Commercial Finance today to learn more about annuity financing.