Bridge Loans and Hard Money

Funding Investment Gaps

Origins Commercial Finance is a unique provider of hard money and bridge loans. We can structure a loan program for nearly any type of investment that cannot be funded by a more traditional lender. In fact, we are positioned to meet industry and market needs by expanding our portfolio without the constraints that institutional lenders and large banks face. We understand that funding must be quick, sufficient and easily attainable to profit on a potential real estate investment project.

Bridge Loan Funding Advantages

If you are looking to refinance a project or acquire a property, our highly knowledgeable team of professionals at Origins Commercial Finance can help. This type of loan is based entirely on the value of the real estate assets you hold, making it possible to have more than one project in the works simultaneously. Credit scores do not influence loan approval, so bank financing ratios or limits are not applicable. Program highlights that we can provide include:

  • LTV: up to 80 percent
  • Average closing time: Five to 30 days
  • As low as one-point origination fees
  • Interest-only amortization
  • National and International lending areas
  • Loan Sizes from $1,000,000 to $100,00,000
  • Interest rates vary, depending on collateral

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For quick closings and responsive service, please contact Origins Commercial Finance today. Our experts can provide more details about the advantages of bridge and hard money loans and offer solutions for non-conforming properties worldwide.