Contract Financing

Contract Financing for Small Business Owners

Contract financing is a comprehensive option to assist small businesses borrow working capital from locked-in consumer agreements. Companies regularly utilize funding of this type when they acquire an extended contract that is larger than their preceding deals and require prompt resources to meet and manage additional business constraints. For instance, they may need advance funds for day-to-day operations before contractual installments begin. At Origins Commercial Finance, we essentially structure support to small businesses requiring a settlement of their contracted obligations prior to ending and conveying a service, but not before completing work on a project.

Growth and Capital Opportunities

We customize our contract finance program so that it costs less than an equity mortgage, which produces a sensible solution for any business that qualifies for this option. At Origins Commercial Finance, we can you obtain the maximum amount of cash from your agreements by converting those previously in place and those that you are presently negotiating. By tailoring programs to balance your obligations, you can secure the capital you need from your sales quickly instead of waiting for incremental payments over the life of the contract. Here are the program features:

  • Great for start-ups, emerging or expanding companies
  • Customer investment grade or near investment
  • Service contract must have a component of equipment
  • Minimum deal size $1,000,000
  • Not available for ongoing service maintenance contracts

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