Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing and Financing Options

At Origins Commercial Finance, we have the skill and industry expertise to fund nearly all types of business-related equipment. In addition, we typically approve equipment financing requests within 24 hours without the need for financial statements. We also offer variable compensation structures, including 84-month repayment plans and aggressive, competitive interest rates. Some of the leases we offer incorporate:

  • Start-up programs. We can support growth and development by financing or leasing the equipment that your business needs to be successful.
  • B, C and D credits. Second chance plans offer support to enterprises that have suffered capital losses because of the economic downturn. We can configure a financial plan that will help you rebuild, restructure and regain your business potential.
  • Government and municipal leasing. We can provide lease financing to any government or municipal entity with warranted approval.
  • Sale and lease back. This type of loan utilizes working capital for expansion without touching your line of credit. Instead, it employs the equity in your current equipment as security. We buy your equipment, lease it back to you and when you complete your repayment structure, you own it once again.

Program Benefits and Highlights

One of the most expeditious methods for acquiring company tools is with equipment leasing. Expanding businesses ordinarily encounter the predicament of inadequate capital requirements necessary to fund additional equipment for development, expansion and profit. Leasing situates the equipment in a work environment by improving real cash flow privileges without the need for notable capital investments. At Origins Commercial Finance, our structured equipment lease programs include software and the installation. The diverse benefits of leasing include:

  • No need to tie up capital
  • Removing obsolescence
  • Considerable accounting and tax savings
  • Maintaining existing credit lines
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Fixed installments through the lease term

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