Purchase Order Financing and Trade Finance

Acquire Pre-Sold Merchandise With Purchase Order Financing

Pre-selling merchandise is a smart business strategy. Why wait until you have all of your goods packaged up and sitting on your shelves before trying to sell them? Acquiring pre-sold merchandise takes money, which is where Origins Commercial finance comes into play. Our purchase order financing options help you to export, import or produce domestically the pre-sold merchandise your business needs.

How Origins Commercial Finance Can Help 

We have years of experience with Letters of Credit, production finance, domestic trade purchases and import and export. We also have plenty of resources, which means we can help all kinds of businesses, even if you are just starting out. You might benefit from our services if you are a:

  • Distributor
  • Producer
  • Reseller
  • Wholesaler

There are many businesses that easily succeed in selling merchandise, but finding the funding to obtain the merchandise in the first place can be difficult. We help you find that funding. 

Advantages of Purchase Order Financing 

Why use us? Our purchase order financing allows you to grow without taking on new debt or losing equity in your business. It helps you better serve your customers by getting deliveries out on time, which helps you to make larger profits. This financing also provides you with quick and flexible funds to use as you see fit.

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In addition to purchase order financing, we have many other financing options suitable for small businesses and more. Contact Origins Commercial Finance to learn more today.