Private Equity and Joint Venture

Easily Add Joint Venture and Equity Capital to Your Business Structure 

Origins Commercial Finance has a proven track record of helping companies add equity and joint venture capital to their current business structure. We owe our success partially to our business alliances and our extensive experience with private equity financing. Some of our specialty areas include recapitalizations, management buyouts, growth capital, corporate divestures and leverage buyouts. No matter which industry you’re thinking of acquiring or merging with, we’re highly confident that we’ll be able to offer you the expertise and resources you need.

Investment Points

There are certain factors we look for before proceeding with an investment. A stable and efficient management team should be in place for the benefit of everyone involved in the acquisition or merger deal. There should also be clear indicators of major growth potential in addition to revenue creation capabilities. We also prefer for there to be the potential for cash generation.

No matter how much time and how many resources are spent on studying and preparing an investment, there are times where the deal simply falls through or doesn’t adhere to the plan. Origins Commercial Finance likes to have a thorough and explicitly laid out exit strategy in place in the event the situation takes a turn for the worse. We also want to be sure you come out of the deal with just as much as you initially invested.

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